Kirin 990 scores less than Snapdragon 855 Plus AnTuTu Benchmark Test

Kirin 990 Vs Snapdragon 855+

Huawei has launched its flagship device, the successor of Huawei p30 pro, Huawei mate 20 Pro is powered by Kirin 990, Benchmark score has been revealed. Kirin 990 Vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+.

Kirin 990 chipset has scored 457,357 points in the Benchmark test. The Score is higher than the previous Kirin powered Soc. But Kirin 990 scores less than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ Soc.

Kirin 990 scores less than Snapdragon 855 Plus AnTuTu Benchmark Test

Huawei Mate 30 Pro is tested for  Kirin 990 Benchmark score. Huawei mate 30 pro comes with the screen resolution of 2400 x 1176 pixels, Kirin 990 soc, Mali G-76 GPU,8GB/128GB, and Huawei mate 30 pro runs on latest android version 10.

Huawei mate 30 pro has scored 457,357 overall, The CPU score has 151,647 points,GPU-159,418,MEM Score-87,367,UX score- 58,925 points.In the Antutu ranking, the Highest ranking is black shark 2 pro with a score of 469,708 followed by Asus Rog 2 with 469,590 points.

The Kirin 990 is 7nm chipset and Kirin 990 has  10.3 Billion Transistors.

Kirin 990 uses two big, two middle and four little cores to optimize multitasking, with clock speeds of 2.86GHz, 2.36GHz, and 1.95GHz respectively. It also has powerful Mediatek Mali G-76 GPU, For high-end gaming.

It is additionally touted to be the full-frequency 5G SoC — with help both non-independent and independent designs just as TDD/FDD full recurrence groups. The Kirin 990 is a genuinely bound together plan, supporting Sub-6 GHz 5G organizes on both SA and NSA designs. 

For photography, it has another fifth-age Dual ISP gloats DSLR-level equipment clamor decrease and square coordinating and 3D sifting. Besides executing the 5G modem, the greatest change in the Kirin 990 will be the NPU which is a co-processor enhanced for the kind of vector math that is the soul of AI structures.

Kirin 990 scores less than Snapdragon 855 Plus AnTuTu Benchmark Test

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